Since purchasing Coffee Coffee in 2007, we have employed hundreds of young adults from the community. Many have been students at local high schools or colleges. We’ve employed a number of siblings, some best friends, future-sister-in-laws, and overall a lot of really awesome people, who have left us to pursue careers in medical fields, finance, design, business, and more. We wanted to share a “Where Are They Now” highlight of some Coffee Coffee alumni. We are so glad that we’re able to stay in touch with past employees and we love to see where they go, and hear their stories and meet their families.

MADDIE BARKER was employed by the previous owner of Coffee Coffee, so she is truly one of our OG baristas. She is now living in Auckland, New Zealand with her husband and pup and works as a Merchandise Planning Manager.

CAMILLE BARNES worked for the original owner of Coffee Coffee, and while she only worked for us for a few short periods, she is a close friend and forever part of the Coffee Coffee family! She is currently living in Castleton on Hudson, New York. She is a Research Scientist at the Research Foundation SUNY doing program evaluation on children’s mental health programs.

BRIANNA GARRISS helped build our farmer’s market presence during her time at Coffee Coffee, and has continued on rocking in the coffee industry. She now lives in Chattanooga, Tennessee and is Coffee Roaster and General Manager at Mayfly Coffee – we love to follow them on Instagram!

KATIE CLARKE left Coffee Coffee to pursue her undergraduate at UMD and her law degree from Villanova. She is currently living in Washington DC working as a National Security Attorney for Skadden. She is the “resident barista” in her office, and keeps a milk frother at her desk so she can make a latte anytime!

EMILY CLARKE carried on her sister Katie’s barista legacy at Coffee Coffee. She now lives in Washington DC and is studying at Georgetown Law School. This summer she will be doing litigation for Milbank in New York City.

ELLEN BARKER (sister in law of fellow Coffee Coffee alum Maddie Barker) currently lives in Arlington, Virginia and works as a Subject Matter Expert/Business Analyst at Bloomberg Tax Technology.

LIZ STILLINGHAGAN (affectionately referred to as “Blizz” in her Coffee Coffee days) has also found her calling in the coffee industry! She was formerly the manager of Lackawanna Coffee in Jersey City, NJ, and has just began working as a barista at the Hudson Square location of La Colombe in New York City. We can’t wait to watch as she furthers her career in coffee!

MEGAN GILEZA is the face behind a lot of the awesome Coffee Coffee print material, t-shirts, and design. She currently lives in Baltimore and works as a Graphic Designer. She will be graduating with her MA in Graphic Design later this summer! Her younger brother Will carries on the family legacy as a current barista at Coffee Coffee – you see him every Saturday at the farmers market!

MORGAN FREYER worked for Coffee Coffee while obtaining her masters degree, and we were honored to attend her wedding! She currently lives in Bel Air with her husband and two adorable kids! She works in Behavioral Health at the Harford County Health Department. 

ABBY BLOOM worked for Coffee Coffee during the transition to our new location, and proved to be so much more than just a barista (mover, organizer, painter, you name it!)! She has been living in Kona, Hawaii for the last 18 months partnering with an international non-profit organization. She is heading home to Maryland in the fall to study Psychology with hopes to continue on to a masters program. 

GIULIANA LEIGHTY is a recent Coffee Coffee alum, and is currently living in Savannah, Georgia attending Savannah College of Art and Design. She is majoring in Fashion Design and Fashion Marketing.

ANNIE TOMPKINS is another recent Coffee Coffee alum, who was with us for most of her high school and college years. Annie is now attending University of Delaware, pursuing her undergraduate in Applied Nutrition. She works as a health aide for HomeWatch Caregivers.

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