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Making Coffee & Memories

Last week, we closed the door of the original Coffee Coffee and moved into our new space. We asked our followers on Facebook to share their first and/or favorite memory of Coffee Coffee, and we were overwhelmed with all of the wonderful memories! 

Since not all of our customers are on social media, we wanted to share this awesome collection of memories with you here! Feel free to add yours as a blog comment...

Katie Engle Eichelberger I first visited four years ago when I was looking for a local coffee shop in the area! Instantly fell in love and having been visiting ever since.

Laureen Keithley Burke I have been going to Coffee Coffee since the day it first open doors. I love it ! It’s my happy place… I have taken my kids there when they were little and now they come back as young adults! I have told many customers and friends about it! I love the small town feels! I will always be a fanpastedGraphic.png❤️ can’t wait for the new place to open! I wish nothing but the best for you all! I will always be your biggest supporter!

Katie Haines My family and I came in a couple years ago after painting at Amazing Glaze. I ordered an affogato with Broom’s Bloom chocolate icecream and fell in love pastedGraphic_1.png😍 The smell of coffee beans welcomes you as soon as you open the door pastedGraphic_2.png

John Oltarzewski During a business trip to the area. Th best coffee ever!

Rachel Harbin Does the farmers market count? My first time in the actual store was just this summer- I was drawn in by the cold brew and not disappointed : )

Linda Frisch I can’t remember my first visit but my mom and dad are frequent customers and they introduced me to you. I love going in to get fun gifts for friends. And the cappuccino. pastedGraphic_3.png🙂

Erin Retford My first visits to Coffee Coffee were in high school when we’d come to see about selling an ad for our school paper. Fast forward a lot of years and I am now a frequent visitor for the best coffee beans around. Love making my morning pots with your coffee.

Jill Schorr Probably about 8 years ago? I remember loving that you were an independent coffee shop and not a big chain…plus loved all the local products and the bonus of Vermont products like Lake Champlain chocolates from one of our favorite vacation spots ever!

Stephanie Bennett My 7 year old daughter and I have a weekly “girls date” at Coffee Coffee. Nothing beats a great coffee and a muffin covered face saying “this is the best date of my life”!

Diane Eggerman In 2011, while my husband was deployed! Once he came home, we became semi-regulars. He’s away again this year, but I try to get in a few times a month. Have gotten some unique gifts over the years, too.

Jan E Hamill Certainly the Bel Air Farmers’ Market! First scones, then coffee. Then the store for beans and gifts. Thank you!

Morgan Scheler I can’t remember the VERY first time I came to coffee coffee, but whenever old friends come home from school, or we need a place to catch up and have a cup of coffee, this is my go-to spot!! I can’t count the amount of times I’ve said “what about coffee coffee?” as a suggestion to someone else

Tarah Petrey Last summer was my first visit. My husband and I had just gotten some very good news and he brought me here to celebrate. Now we hit you up every Saturday at the market and stop in when we’re in town. Love Coffee Coffee!

Tracy Lineman I first came in several years ago when I was attending ladies’ night at Amazing Glaze to pick up some coffee and some dinner. Now I visit you every Saturday at the Farmer’s Market.

Bethany Rushing The first time I ever went was after I got back from 6 months in the Caribbean, meeting up with a friend who had just spent a year in South America! We had a lot to discuss about our travels and catch up on life. Coffee Coffee was a comfortable backdrop for us to hang out.

Jenn Smith never been there but definitely willing to try it

Courtney Shannon Favorite experience would be when the weathers nice and walking there on Saturday mornings with my family!! pastedGraphic_4.png👪pastedGraphic_2.png☕️pastedGraphic_5.png☀️pastedGraphic_6.png🙌🏼

Angela Stuber Montague Just moved to the area and found it about a week ago.

Lee Tayson I first went to Coffee Coffee in 2007. I met my wife there…

Jackie Dennis On day my husband and I came in and ordered some coffees to drink there (not our usual routine) and we played a card game on a table while we enjoyed coffee!

Desiree St. Duran My first time was 3 years ago, and I got a super strong latte (just how I like my coffee.) I took some ground beans home, and that Christmas I made my family gift boxes full of fun Coffee Coffee items and coffee! Been going regularly ever since and my current fave is the Vermont Maple Latte!

Shelby Stange Wasn’t introduced until high school but I’ve loved it ever since!! Staff always has great recommendations!!

Brandi Alt My first experience with Coffee Coffee was a few years ago at the farmers market in Bel Air. After trying the coffee there and you guys being sold out of a special flavor I HAD to go to the store. Now I’m hooked on your cold brew concentrates!

Lisa Morgan May 2009. I just moved here from NJ. I told my realtor I missed my local coffee shop. She recommended Coffee Coffee. I’m so glad she did pastedGraphic.png❤️

Amy Henderson Kukuck Good stuff! Can’t remember my first visit but so worth it pastedGraphic.pngpastedGraphic_2.png

Meredith Oakes Two months ago! I’ve been on the hunt for a local coffee shop because I’m a small business operator myself #shoplocal I needed some matcha in my life and there you were on Google maps pastedGraphic_1.png😍. My kids love the smoothies too!

Amber Noll 3 years ago when we moved to the area I discovered quad shot latte existed and my world was changed!

Angie Donald Two Augusts ago, when we had just moved to the area and were house hunting. Was awesome to find a local coffee place!

Michelle Scharfe McGehee Coffee coffee has been a part of my weekly routine when I’m at the farmers market. Just last week I went to the store for the first time and I’m looking forward to visiting more.

Tina DiBattista Lolley 1994 when my daughter attended 3yr old preschool at LCGS i would stop in for a “mom” break… somewhere along the way it changed owners and my children grew up…but now my husband and I stop in every Sunday after church. So excited for your expansion and welcome more outdoor seating!

Colleen Barlow Kruse My first visit was 20 years ago. I came in with Zach and Christine in a car seat carrier. I had just been to the gym, Ladies total fitness(now Panara). I was looking for something cold and refreshing. I found so much more. Thanks

Kathy Kitchens Rink My favorite experience is when I walked in they were really sweet and welcoming and gave me the coffee of the day and I found that you guys carry Bomboy chocolates which was perfect because my mom loves them and it was her birthday that day

Jodi Lovell Coffee Coffee represents a piece of home. Began going when my kids were in preschool, 22 years ago. My daughter was a Coffee Coffee barista. She lives in Florida, but remains a loyal customer. So excited for the expansion. Wishing Betsy, Hillary, and all continued success. Thank you for providing an inviting, quality, local shop in Bel Air.

Jennifer Jones My dad and I ventured in shortly after it first opened back when I was in high school. It was pretty empty but we fell in love with the place and hope it stuck around. It became our go to father/daughter bonding and catch up time. Now I have a son entering high school this year and every now and then you will see me and my dad at the counter having some coffee and goodies, talking about the Orioles and life.

Colleen Feldbush My first time was last fall. All because of Haley Sue Lang! She has great taste in coffee pastedGraphic_7.png😉pastedGraphic_8.png👍

Susan Gentry Our whole family loves Coffee Coffee! It isn’t Christmas at our house without snickerdoodle coffee! That is until my youngest son Rob discovered rainforest crunch and now that’s required as well!!

Melody Weber I think the first time was when I was home from college and my bestie Chloe and I were like hey, how have we never come here? …years later it’s a fave pastedGraphic_9.png☺️

Rachel Crouch My first visit to coffee coffee was many many years ago when my cousin Danielle encouraged me to come in for a chai latte and an interview! I loved every minute of my time there-where I learned the secrets to making the best coffees pastedGraphic_10.png😁. I am excited to see you all expand in your new location!!!

Mandy Griffith I have been visiting Coffee Coffee since my early teens. I am 41! I drank your caffeine-free iced cappuccinos throughout my pregnancy. My son is now 18! You know, way before Starbucks was ever around!!! I’ve always loved the quality of your goods and cheery atmosphere. I love the muffins and yohay wafer rolls. I live in PA and stop whenever I am in town. Other coffee shops cannot compete with Coffee Coffee!

Andrea Leary My daughter and I would sit at the bar when she was two and enjoy a treat. We’re still enjoying treats with you, and now she’s 19. pastedGraphic_11.png😊

Dawn Reimer 22 years ago I think. I would drop me daughter at preschool and come by for an ice tea or chai. There have been years when I would buy most of holiday gifts from Coffee Coffee!

Tracie Ulmes I was actually going to share this on your page today…I stopped in this morning and surprised myself by getting a little nostalgic. I first came to Coffee Coffee when I first moved to MD in 2001, before you guys even owned it, I think. I had just moved out of my parents’ house, had no friends, a shaky relationship, and a dreary basement apartment with a creepy jerk landlord living upstairs. Coffee Coffee was just around the corner and gave me refuge on the evenings I couldn’t bear to go home. I moved to Baltimore for almost a decade and was happy to patronize you again when my husband and I bought a house in Harford County. Looking around the old place for the last time this morning with my 2 kids reminded me of how far I (and you!) have come. I love your commitment to the environment and local businesses, and look forward to seeing the new space!

Crystal Rogers Owens We just moved here, and I decided to stroll in for a quick cup of coffee. When I walked in and the smell of fresh beans hit me, I was in heaven. As a former barista, I know and appreciate good coffee. I couldn’t hide my giddiness as I brought my husband back a few days later to share this treasure I found in our new hometown. Customers for life!

Brianne Banach My mom and I have been going to coffee coffee ever since i can remember. In middle school she took me to one of your coffee classes you offered. I am

In my 20’s now and she comes over every Thursday for our “latte Thursdays” and brings coffee coffee and a yummy treat from there pastedGraphic_10.png😁

Sue Scherer Rice I first visited right after Coffee Coffee opened. My office was very nearby. I always thought of it as the Cheers! of Coffee spots! Then, a new family bought the shop, and it just got better and better. My favorite experience is every time I introduce someone new to Coffee Coffee. And, when I give a gift, some ask, “Is this from Coffee Coffee?!” They know me so well.

Brenda Gain Hancock I first visited when my son wanted to stop in at Game Stop to look around for a game a few years ago. I was drawn in by the amazing aroma of fresh coffee beans and skipped out for a few minutes to check out the store. I have been a loyal (addicted) customer ever since. pastedGraphic_3.png🙂 Coffee Coffee is my fix! Thanks for all the amazing selections!

Caroline Spath First time I went there was on a date… sat outside with iced coffees on a hot summer day. Still dating almost two years later pastedGraphic_12.png🙃

Jarrett Hopper Geez??? I think my first time was 13yrs ago. Ever since you guys were my favorite coffee place to go to. I drank coffee there for 8yrs before I moved to South Carolina. Now every time I fly back to Maryland I always make sure I stop in therepastedGraphic_8.png👍pastedGraphic_2.png☕️

Laurie Decker The first time I was there was about 5 years ago and the experience is still the same, the smell is amazing! We got hot coffee there about 2 weeks ago that was so yummy!! Love this place!!

Bianca Elisa So, it was sometime in 2008. It started with a very crazy experience of a flat tire and driving on the rim to a car shop. Well the tire got fixed and I ended up with a date who suggested this place in belair for coffee ( wonder what place was that). The date did not go well….but my love for coffee coffee is still strong! I now live in the far away land of silver spring maryland and still visit at least once in the year to get some coffee!

Emily Branon Depman I think I was like 5 and my mom sold her scones there…

Agnes Michelle Johnson I came in around the holidays when they have support small businesses! I have done it for the last few years! Love there ornaments and Maryland stuff! My husband and I come in some Sunday morning for breakfast and a coffee!

Robin Sebold When I first started teaching at William S. James Elementary School. That will be 13 years ago in September. Thanks for saving all the oatmeal containers for the 3rd grade science windmills!

Cindy Ann Many many years ago…my friend was a barista there:)

Rebecca Thomas I first visited for my first “mom get together”! It was the first time i took out my newborn, that was 10 yrs ago!

Jacqueline Ann Can I just write the same thing as Jodi Lovell!? A few things are different, but my heart is at Coff Coff as my former barista daughter calls it. I’ve watched generations of young baristas get such good mentoring here. The food, coffee, and merchandise are the best! I’m so happy for the expansion!

Sofie Diakoulas How about when Emily Branon Depman and I spent so many weekends labeling coffee bags in the back room pastedGraphic_13.png😂 we had so much fun!! And always wanted to spend our newly made $ on the merchandise pastedGraphic_14.png💕

Jeanett Christensen You spend your hard earned $ on this wreath for your mommy pastedGraphic.png❤️ It’s still hanging on our door 16-17 years later!

Debbie Pole Mine was so many years ago when it was ran by Mary before Betsy. Whenever I’m in Bel Air I made sure to stop by and grab a cold drink and their products were to die for. You could say I patronized this place for years and I wish them good luck on their move.

Heather Helwig Passwater My first visit to Coffee Coffee was in the summer of 2015. I love your coffee bean selection and scones.

Cindi Stewart I was there about 2 weeks ago to get their oatmeal. They literally have THE BEST oatmeal around! It’s so creamy, and you can get a variety of toppings like craidibs, brown sugar, and walnuts. So yummy! For me, Panera’ steel cut oatmeal can’t even touch it as far as taste goes. Panera always had my favorite coffee in the world – their Hazelnut, but I believe they changed the recipe, as it tastes so different. I’m hoping that Coffee Coffee has a good Hazelnut Coffee.

Jonel Schuster I took Maddie every morning when she was in elementary school. She always wanted a blueberry Italian soda and a chocolate muffin, or those little filled sticks ( can’t remember the name). She asked me if she could work there when she grew up. And, she did! It was her first job in high school and she even worked during the summers and holidays during college. I’ve moved away, but first stop when I come back to Bel Air will be Coffee Coffee!!!! Miss you guys!

Natalie Tabor Branon Britt Britt and I stopped by on a very long sad trip from Myrtle Beach!

Alice Earline Williams Shortly after receiving a lb. of rainforest crunch for a Christmas gift about 12 or more years ago! Can not stay out of it.

Angela Saccenti I brought my son in after pre-k and you made him a chocolate milk with the works… whipped cream with ravens colored sprinkles on top, which completely made his day! It became our weekly treat after I picked him up from school. Now he’s in middle school and doesn’t want to hang with mom for fancy chocolate milk as much but he still remembers our dates and the ravens sprinkles!

Michele Petras Having just graduated from college and seeking a place to remind me of the coffee shop that I inhabited throughout my college days, I found Coffee Coffee where I received a warm, Maryland welcome. I ordered just a regular coffee. I also bought a great cow cookie jar that I still have in my kitchen today. Thank you Coffee Coffee for welcoming me to Maryland over twenty years ago!

Mary Romeo This makes me tear up. When I opened Coffee Coffee in 1992 it was a labor of love. I looked forward to being there every day with all my favorite customers, my girls behind the bar and creating a wonderful place for everyone to come. I cried when I turned the key over to the Depmans but they were the right people to carry on. Hillary had worked for me since she was 13 and the girls always labeled bags for me at Christmas. Was in Vegas for a conference last year and ran into a young woman who recognized me. She used to come in every day with her parents and i watched her grow up. Such heartwarming memories…I miss all my wonderful customers. Congrats on the new location. I’ll be up to visit.

Jane Teano Fogarty I have been to Coffee Coffee countless times, since the ’90’s, with each and every time having experienced excellent service along with an extremely warm and welcoming atmosphere. I always enjoy coming to CC and seeing so many young people working there that I know, who obviously enjoy being there and making your customers their number one priority! So happy to see you grow. Not surprised! You are truly the best coffee shop, and so warm and welcoming. Bel Air is lucky to have you Betsy & Hillary & your entire team. CONGRATULATIONS & thank you!

Brenda Gardner I came to pick my grand daughter Jordan up from work

Fran Sorin My husband Steve and I regularly enjoyed a double espresso and decaf mocha latte since the shop opened. I agree Mary definitely turned the shop over to the right family! We continued to enjoy the coffee, baked goods, and other local treats. Additionally, our friends and colleagues were always happy with the special gift treasures we found for them in the shop. I am looking forward to seeing the expanded version of Coffee Coffee!

Emma Marzen I started going as a kid and was tricked by Betsy into thinking that the Cookies and Cream milkshake had coffee in it. I was adventurous, but it’s a good thing I didn’t start on coffee until I was a little older, or I’d be unstoppable in my caffeine addiction. I just wanted to be like my mom with her iced coffee! I live in New Mexico now, but whenever I’m home in Bel Air I get Coffee Coffee every day. Glad that you guys are growing!

Helen Archer Almost 20 years ago my mom took me to Coffee Coffee as one of the first mother daughter dates. In the years that followed we have shares many laughs and tears at Coffee Coffee. Now I take my son Jace on Mommy and me dates to continue the tradition my mom started so many years ago. Our newest tradition includes celebrating Jaces birthday at Coffee Coffee and I can only hope to take my future grand children to the newest location of Coffee Coffee! Thank you for all the memories that are too numerous to count!

Nancy Weaver my first experience was 17 years ago . I had the wonderful iced cappucino about 5 times per week and the scones became one of my favorite weekly treats. I brought all of my children to enjoy a treat most times I visited. It was the one place I looked forward to each week for some “me time” away from my busy schedule at work , and caring for my 5 children. It is still one of my favorite places to go, and it is awesome to have a local coffee/tea shop in our town. It’s the best, they go above and beyond a typical coffee shop!!

Cindy Fountain Not sure when I found Coffee Coffee, but it wasn’t too long after we moved here (2006). Your creme brulee is the best!!!

Adrienne Cousler Diaczok When Jen Sanzone Pettey and I worked at Olde World Bagel (a few doors down from Coffee Coffee in the mid -90’s) we would tell our customers that the espresso machine was broke and they should probably go to get their cappuccinos at Coffee Coffee where the quality was much better than what we could make. PS – the machine wasn’t broken.

Erica Johnston-Earl When I learned you prepare Americanos with 4 shots of espresso! Love it!pastedGraphic_2.png☕️pastedGraphic_15.png⭐️

Sarah Fedele Right after they opened. Then when we moved to the U.K. for a year, we have coffee coffee shop their coffee to us. We are serious about our coffee. Love them

Hope Elizabeth Moukazis My first time coming here was when I moved to Harford county with my family in 2002. My mom and I have been hooked and coming for our iced lattes every weekend since !

Donna Lail Our son and his wife brought us to Coffee Coffee when we visited him from Indiana for Thanksgiving of ‘2015. We enjoyed Maryland so much we moved here the following March.

Candice Ward Testerman My Nana first took me to Coffee Coffee when I was very little. She had a third grade education, and never had much money, but one thing she prioritized and taught her family to love was a good cup of “gourmet coffee,” as she called it. I’ve always loved coffee, and I’ll never forget Nana’s influence. Still to this day, I think of her every time I step through the door at Coffee Coffee.

Irene Base I remember going here when I was little with mom and the one memory that stands out was when she got me this super chocolaty muffin from there and I’ve never had a chocolate muffin that was better than that!

Also, I should probably shout out to Conor Roherty because this is where we had our first date talking to each other until it was closing time pastedGraphic_16.png😘

Amy Marie Keene My husband and I celebrated our second Valentine’s Day here (the first was in Seattle). We wrote poems on napkins based on paintings from the game Dixit, and I had my first Starry Night Latte, which proved to be my favorite latte I have ever had pastedGraphic_3.png🙂

Janet Lloyd I started coming when the shop was first opened. My favorite experience was when I had knee replacement. I was in in house rehab for 6 week and finally got to go out. I asked my driver if she could stop by Coffee Coffee as I’d called ahead for an egg salad sandwich. When she came out with the sandwich Betsy had added scones as a treat since I had several more weeks of in-house rehab to go! She and Hillary are the best and really care about their customers. Thanks for caring.

Stacie Sloan I first visited when I was trying to get your banking business about 4 years ago. I returned as a customer on a whim about 18 months ago and have been visiting a few times a week since then.

Heather Powell 1st time was 3 years ago!!! Awesome atmosphere loved the coffee!!!

Jan Jarrett Shive I’ve been coming in for such a long time and I always look at all your nice gifts for presents. You are all the best.

Mary Beth O’Donnell I have been a loyal coffee drinker a coffee coffee since it first opened when I lived in Bel Air. I am now in Jarrettsville however I stop by every teacher Tuesday and on Thursdays after school as I have latte Thursday with my daughter and grandson bringing lattes from coffee coffee

Bridget Rudnet-Schiotis Me too Janet. I would say day two. I fell in love with everything. I even had a butt print on one of the stools. When I had surgery I dragged myself out to sit in that stool. Sadly I live far now but I wiki never forget coffee coffee ad all my friends. I almost got a tattoo pastedGraphic_17.png😳. I’ll be up to see the new shop really soonpastedGraphic_16.png😘. Good luck guys. Love you all

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  1. Just the name lured me in when Coffee Coffee first opened. And then the smells and perfect coffee once inside. My Mom and I always came in for scones and of course the many, many delightful cards and gifts purchased over the years. The new space is fabulous!! Congratulations 🍾🎉


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