Here at Coffee Coffee, we have implemented sustainable and environmentally friendly business practices in our daily operations.

In 2010, we started a composting and recycling program to reduce the amount of trash we produce. All of our food waste, paper napkins & towels, and coffee grinds are composted, and collected daily by a local farmer. Milk cartons, cardboard boxes, newspapers, and all other plastic and paper waste are recycled through the Harford County Recycling program. We have reduced our “trash” by 2/3 since implementing these programs!

In our bathroom, we have individual cloth towels for drying your hands. We have found that this really cuts back on our paper-towel usage! We also purchase tube-free toilet paper rolls when available. In our cafe, we use real silverware, plates, and mugs to cut down on paper waste.

As for customers, we encourage the use of travel mugs. Bring in your own travel mug, and we will charge you for a small drink (even though most travel mugs are equivalent to a medium or large paper cup!). If you purchase our Coldbrew Concentrate, you can bring back your empty bottle for a 50 cent discount. We sanitize and re-use the bottles!

We pride ourselves on offering local products, because we love to support other local businesses- but it’s also more sustainable to buy local! By using local distributors for our food and dairy products, and purchasing from local vendors, we help reduce gas emissions. Shopping at the Bel Air Farmers Market is a great way to “be green”… you can make all your purchases for the week in one convenient location!

We are celebrating Earth Day this year by offering 10% off all travel mugs from Thursday 4/20-Saturday 4/22. The includes S’well Bottles and Joco Cups! If you’ve been eyeing up one of our mugs, now is the time to buy!!

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