3 thoughts on “BIG NEWS!”

  1. Hi, I’m Happy for you guys. I haven’t been in for several months.
    I had Back Surgery in March. So I’m on the Mend in P/T.
    I hope to get out this week so I will swing by.

    You’ve make a lot of Memories in that Space. I’m sure the extra space will help with prep area in Back room and seating.

    Have fun creating the new Space😘


  2. Hello,
    This is a frequent Customer. I plan on stopping in today for a Fathers Day Gift.
    I see the Perfect Gift on the Bottom of the email I recieved… bar guide,coasters,etc.
    How much is that?
    Also the Coffee Coffee Skull TShirt… I need one for my hubby in a M or L.
    Could you hold whichever sz or one of each.
    I will be there by 3:00-3:30.

    Lisa @. leobookworm@icloud.com


  3. Hi Lisa, from the email we sent out, the bar tool is $22.00, the coasters are $37.50, and the pint glass is $20 (all made in the USA). The Grateful for Coffee shirts are $25. We have plenty of medium and larges in stock!


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